RUN FOR JESUS (RFJ) is the biggest Christian Roadshow initiated by Aradana TV.

RFJ is organized every year to commemorate the crucifixion & resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Aradana TV has been organising this event successfully for the last 8 years on the Holy Saturday between Good Friday and Easter.

Next year the Run is scheduled on 20th April 2019.

Aradana TV partners with YMCA, Independent Organisations, Multi-denominational Churches and several Christian Fellowships in ensuring that this event is a grand success.

Run for Jesus was created with a vision to impact our community and spread the message of the two Holy festivals to our neighbouring communities.

Our Main Objective is to bring Christians from all walks of life together in a unified manner. Eventually, our goal is to organize RFJ throughout India and then Globally. Would you take a second and imagine what it would be like if our entire nation, joined hands together and participated in our cause to spread the gospel?

Come! Join hands with us today for a better future for our community. We encourage everyone to participate, to organize and to make RFJ their own. Come be a part of our revolution, our passion and our zeal to spread the Gospel.

For details on local coordinators, run route, merchandise, sponsorship, etc.


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Chairman & Managing Director | Aradana TV