The merits inherent in hosting RUN FOR JESUS program in your region are as follows and not limited to :

1.The Holy Saturday or the silent Saturday which comes in between Good Friday and Easter Sunday is particularly selected that the remarkably historic message of the most important observances of our Christian community is brought to the attention of the general public turning a silent Saturday into a most audible one through the unique program RUN FOR JESUS.

2. To declare out loud the message of the Resurrection of Lord Jesus before the adjacent communities all along the 10 K marathon run route in a sportive manner.

3. To unite all the Churches, Denominations & Christians with a festive spirit and for a festive consequence.

4. Get the Churches out of their compound walls to testify their faith through RUN FOR JESUS in anticipation of a soulful harvest.

5. As RUN FOR JESUS makes the most pleasant appeal to the youth of our community, the leadership of our community could positively route the Spirited interest of the youth to an open air declaration of faith through the 10 K Marathon Run – RUN FOR JESUS.

6. Collective running excites every man, woman and child, the side effects, the ripple effects and the cumulative effects of RUN FOR JESUS program is quite profound.

We request you to consider the following points as you get ready to host Run for Jesus program in your city :

* You could sponsor your Church name on the T-Shirts and provide the same to the Marathon Runners in your locality to rally in a greater level of participation.
* You could print your Logo / Brand on Caps and distribute them to the marathon marshals guiding the Run for Jesus program.
* You could come out with your own innovative ideas to promote your Church projects through this RFJ program in your region.
* Be well prepared for the mammoth turn out at the event.
* If you want our Aradana team to undertake the responsibility, please contact us at ; 8008977701; 7702777787; 7702777607.
* Determine the starting and finish line locations in your respective city and get into the logistics of it all.
* You can serve breakfast / refreshments to marathon runners at Finish line point.
* Take the necessary Government and Police permissions to organise Run for Jesus in your locality.
* Get as many Church leaders involved in the leadership as possible.
* Consider providing Banners / solemn biblical verses on Placards for the marathon runners to carry them high.
* Marathon run Traffic Controllers are essential all along the route. (Volunteer Team)
* Emergency First-Aid kits are to be carried all along the route. (Get local hospitals to sponsor)
* Let no one raise any kind or type of wrong slogan or indecent shouting which may hurt the sentiments of other religious people. This is very important.
* Uniting the youth of various churches through this program is of great importance as they are the heartbeat of our community.